400 will be in jury pool for ex Griz football player's rape trial


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula District Court Judge Karen Townsend expects to call 400 potential jurors.

That's a huge pool, even for a case as prominent as this.

Only 304 jurors were called for the O.J. Simpson case.

Because of fire codes, the third floor courtroom in Missoula, can only accommodate 155 potential jurors at one time.

Jordan Johnson was not at Tuesday's hearing.

His attorney said the U.M. college student was taking an exam.

There's reportedly a separate investigation in the high profile rape case.

Judge Townsend conferred with attorneys in private at the court hearing.

No details emerged from that conversation, and the investigation spurred no comment.

The judge told attorneys at the close of the hearing that "the other thing that seems to be outstanding is a separate investigation that is ongoing involving the victim and which the defense, has entitled the threat investigation."

She then conferred in private with both prosecuting and defense attorneys.

Defense attorney Kirstin Pabst said she couldn't comment, explaining that records of the "threat investigation" are under seal.

Assistant Chief Deputy County Attorney Suzy Boylan also declined comment.

At the hearing, the defense asked also for the alleged victim's counseling records and text messages between she and the lead investigator,.