Alan Young

As a native of the Washington portion of the Pacific Northwest, Montana has always held a certain allure. It started years ago while traveling with my aunt, uncle and cousin (my aunt was born and raised in Belt) that I fell in love with the open air Big Sky country. Years later, my lovely wife Patti (a born and raised Montanan from Conrad) and I visited the Flathead while vacationing with family. In 1991 we purchased 5 acres east of Kalispell, nestled near the bottom of Blaine Mountain. Right after that, we both got personalized Washington state license plates ? Patti?s car was KLSPLMT and my truck is GOIN2MT. That pretty well said where our hearts were. After careers with the Boeing Company in Everett, we relocated to our 5 acre property here, where our retirement home is under construction.

Weather is interesting. Having lived in various parts of the world (as an aircraft loadmaster in the Air Force), Montana is the first place for me to experience, and reside in, 4 separate seasons of the year. While in Arlington, I was a Weather Watcher for KOMO TV4 News in Seattle. It was a fun experience, even checking in with the daily rain total every day. I mean we?re talking RAIN total, almost every day.

Now it?s time to turn to the next chapter, in Montana, and I?m ready.