Commissioner Wants To Turn Abandoned Greeley School Into Park

BUTTE, Mont. - A Butte-Silver Bow council commissioner wants to turn an over 100-year-old abandoned elementary school into a park.

Council commissioner Terry Schultz believes the vacant Greeley School in central Butte would make a great park.

He said it wouldn't take much to enhance the basketball courts and playground.

The local tennis association is in need of new tennis courts and according to Schultz Greeley is a cost effective location.

Schultz said there is no price tag on the upgrades yet, but believes is would be a huge benefit to the surrounding community.

"This is an opportunity for us to give to the community in a way they can understand and appreciate every day. It's visual, it's there, it's something that they can use and it's an enrichment, a life enrichment item," Schultz said.

Right now the building is owned by the Butte School District and the land is owned by housing authority.

Schultz said he hopes the school district would donate the building.

He said though it is not in the plans yet, he believes the building could be turned into a community center.

Schultz said the tennis association approached the council in need of new tennis courts and upgrades to Stodden Park?s tennis courts.

Schultz proposes the new courts be put in at Greeley School.

He said it would cost about half the price to put them at Greeley as opposed to putting in new courts at Stodden.

Greeley Elementary School was built in 1897 and is in the National Register of Historic Places.