Jeannette Tudsbury


I moved to Bozeman in 1998 with my husband Brett. I started working at KTVM that same year and have come to love working and living in such a beautiful place. We have two young daughters, Taryn and Tayler.

I recieved my BA in Speech Communications and MS in Communications from Chico State University in California.

I believe my unique selling perspective is that I truly learn about my clients needs and what they want out of their marketing. My relationships with them are strong along with the true care in the success of their businesses.

An accont executive must differentiate themselves from other AE's, otherwise you are not the one the client thinks of when they need help and advice utilizing their marketing dollars. Building a solid relationship with your client instills trust, credibility, and peace of mind that they are spending their advertising dollars wisely and effectively.

I feel I have built my USP simply because I like to talk to my clients and learn about who they are and what they do. They instantly see me as a partner, a friend, and not just someone taking their advertising dollars.

Because I have been an AE at KTVM for over 10 years, I have given myself the time needed to gain the trust and the credibility.

I am committed to making them see the value of my product and how it can help their business.

Give me a call at 406-595-1105 or email me at