Karen Sullivan, COO Mineral Regional Health Center


How will my quality of care be affected?

"… you may have a physician or a physician's assistant closely tag teaming with a nurse to care for that patient. All hands on deck."

So, what we are attempting is to keep people out of the hospital in the first place, keep them out of the ER, redirect them to an appropriate level of care, and certainly if somebody needs hospital care, we want to give that acute level of care to them.

"I have not seen any indication where a patient would have to modify their provider situation. "

"No, none of our doctors are planning to leave our facility because of the Affordable Care Act. Every provider that we have on staff is trying to stay current with what the regulations mean, and what that means for their patients. "

In your opinion, do you feel more rural clinics will close down because of these new standards?

"I don't. I think if more rural clinics close down, they were compromised to begin with. I think that the Affordable Care Act is asking us to focus more and more on quality."

"I don't see our referral patterns to specialists becoming any different."