Missoula City Life Community Center in need of financial assistance



Sunday afternoon NBC Montana learned the City Life Community Center in Missoula raised enough pledges and money to keep its doors open.


For the last two weeks NBC Montana has told you about a group of non-profits looking for some community support.

The City Life Community Center in Missoula needs to reduce their mortgage by $750,000 in order to buy a new loan with a lower interest rate, or they may have to close their doors.

The City Life Community Center houses 13 non-profits and a student center.

We talked to dozens of kids and teens that use the facility and they say it's a fun place to do homework and spend time with their friends safely but unless organizers can refinance the community center's future is on the line.

The center's Executive Director Brent Gyuricza tells us as of right now they need $79,000 in pledges in order to reduce their mortgage; their previous deadline was September 30 but the lender has agreed to give them until October 13.

Gyuricza says of the $750,000 in pledges they are still in need of $79,000.

In a matter of two weeks Gyuricza tells us they raised half of the funds needed; when NBC Montana first spoke to Gyuricza the center was looking for $160,000 in pledges.

Gyuricza wants to remind the public that these are pledges and not immediate donations, so folks who want to help do not have to donate the money immediately.

NBC Montana broke the numbers down and found out that if 658 people pledged $120 the center would reach its goal and be able to attain a lower interest rate.

If you are interested in making a pledge to the City Life Community Center, click here.

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