Moderate to heavy rain persists in northwest Montana


Localized, moderate to heavy rain will persist in northwest Montana through Saturday night. Those traveling along I-90 from Missoula over Lookout Pass should watch for ponding, hydroplaning and fog on the road. Debris like mud and rocks may also accumulate on area roads.

Flood warnings and advisory's remain in effect for parts of Mineral, Sanders and Lincoln counties. People who live near small creeks should be aware of potential flooding. Snow flurries are possible on Homestake, MacDonald, Lost Trail and Lookout Pass Saturday night.

However, overnight the band of moisture will start to make its way to the southwest part of the state and areas like Butte and Bozeman could wake up to showers.

The rain will move through the Butte early by early morning, but stick around the Bozeman area into Sunday night. This event will not as heavy nor as widespread as the rain that moved through western Montana on Saturday.

Bozeman saw near-record highs Saturday with a high of 68 degrees. Butte set a record high at 66 degrees. The previous record at 64 degrees set in 1910.

A flood watch continues for Beaverhead County where warmer temperatures are causing rapid snowmelt in urban and rural areas.

High winds are expected throughout the entire western half of the state until Sunday afternoon. Wind speeds will range from 15 mph to 25 mph with gusts between 35 mph and 40 mph with possible isolated thunder. Those with outdoor plans should be prepared for unfavorable conditions.

Up to 1 1/2 inches of rain may fall on northwest Montana by the end of the weekend. The rain is expected to break Sunday afternoon with pleasant conditions Monday morning. Rain will return by Monday night to the region and last for the remainder of the week.