Montana Tech replaces athletic director, head basketball coach


BUTTE, Mont. - Montana Tech announced an Interim Athletic Director and a new Head Women's Basketball Coach. That all happened after the school fired the last Athletic Director, Charles Bradley, Saturday morning.

After Bradley was fired, Basketball Coach DeAnn Craft and her assistant quit, just hours before a home basketball game.

We asked and officials won't tell us why Bradley is gone. But administrators took less than 48 hours to fill the open positions and hold a news conference to make their announcements.

Montana Tech introduced the new interim athletic director, 24-year football coach, Bob Green.

"We have a unique and wonderful institution here that I spend a lot of time at," said Green. "And we've got a bunch of wonderful group of student athletes and coaches and I'll get a chance to work with them."

Green says it's important for athletes to move forward after all of this.

"What's happened in the past is kind of like the last basketball game or football game," he said. "I always told my football players they've got to have a short memory. If you win you've got to get over it and play again. If you lose you've got to play again." "I do know that no answers were given to me," said Bradley. "And I guess that's what everyone else is finding out the same thing." Bradley still doesn't know why he was fired -- "If I did something wrong I guess I better fix it, so sure sure I'd like to know." Bradley told us he went to a meeting Saturday morning with the Chancellor. "He gave me the letter, a few sentences, and that was it," said Bradley. We obtained the letter. It read: "With great disappointment this letter officially notifies you that you are no longer the Athletic Director at Montana Tech. This notice is effective immediately as of January 18, 2010.Your salary will continued to be paid through June 30, 2014 including al benefits." The letter was signed by Chancellor Donald Blackketter. There is no description in it why Bradley was fired. Within hours of Bradley being let go, the Head Women's Basketball Coach stepped down in support. Craft told us she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Bradley. "For me to go on really was signifying that I agreed with the decision," she said. "And we didn't. And yet we were never given any indication as to the whys, if there was something substantial please let us know." The women now have a new coach, Lindsie Wilson. "I'm excited about moving forward and having the team get going again, get in game mode again," said Wilson.

Wilson told us the basketball players have responded well to the change in coaches.

"I think they're just excited to get back on the court today and just get to focus on this season," she said.

We were not allowed to talk to the basketball players and we're waiting for a a public document request detailing Bradley's termination.

School officials told us they are starting a nationwide search for replacements as soon as possible.