Mountain pass snowfall a concern with next cold frontal passage


Quiet weather will be present throughout the area tonight and into the first half of Tuesday. A storm system will then impact the area Tuesday night and into Wednesday, with its largest impact being high elevation snowfall.

Tonight, mostly clear skies will be present in SW Montana, allowing temperatures to drop into the mid teens to low 20s. In NW and west central Montana, more cloud cover will result in temperatures being a little warmer, in the mid to upper 20s. Tomorrow, temperatures will range from the mid 30s to low 40s with increasing clouds.

The quick-moving front will move from northwest to southeast and affect the area from Tuesday afternoon in NW Montana to Wednesday morning in SW Montana. Mountain passes along the MT/ID border will see 3-6" of snowfall. Strong downloading winds will limit the amount of rain and snow in the valleys to small amounts.

We are tracking yet another system that will affect the area Friday and Saturday. We will update you on this system as it gets closer and details become more clear.

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