Paulette Holman

We live at Chimney Peaks up the Hoover Creek Drainage above Drummond and Helmville at 6000 feet.

We moved here from Corydon, Indiana in April of 1996 to build a home in the mountains and have loved it ever since. We came to Montana on our honeymoon in 1984 and snowmobiled through Yellowstone National Park in December and just fell in love with the beauty of the state and always wanted to move here someday. So we did and just love the weather here. Southern Indiana is very humid and so hot. Living here at 6000 feet we miss the inversions because we are above them so the winter is very sunny, in the summer we are usually 10 degrees cooler than Drummond.

Since we snowmobile most of the winter, the weather is a big daily part of our lives. My husband Jeff is an independent contractor who does drywall and paint so he drives up and down 13 miles of mountain road each way at least 4 or 5 days a week.

I do not care to send a photo of myself but I will send a photo of our house and you can use it.

Since I am a stay at home person we watch your forecast 3 times a day. Hopefully we will soon have some weather to report once our winter gets started. Last year would have been a great year; we ended up with about 3 feet and snow and couldn't get our trucks back up here until the middle of May.