Philip Stauffer, Missoula Resident


"I am really encouraged to find out there are subsidies and will be subsidies for those people who can't afford health insurance."

"Right now, there are something like 48 million people who have no health insurance at all and they are not getting the care they need. So, the quality of care will be increased because they are simply seeing the doctor. The quality is up to the people providing the care. It should be that a competitive field will improve it because people will have to compete for the right to see patients."

"I feel that with Medicare, Medicaid and the willingness of the Partnership Health Center to partner with Western Montana Clinic, that the two of them can provide quality care in my case."

"I should still be able to see the doctor I am currently seeing. I can't foresee any change in that in my case, since I am a veteran, there would be the possibility of me going to a VA health care clinic, but frankly, with where I live, but with the convenience of my situation, I like the convenience of the doctor I currently see."