Winner crosses Missoula Marathon finish line in record time


MISSOULA, Mont. - A man from Alaska has won the 2014 Missoula Marathon, while also breaking a new record.

Matthew Adams of Seward, Alaska crossed the finish line in two hours and 20 minutes. That breaks the old record of two hours and 26 minutes set last year by Jason Delaney of Polson, Montana.

"Pretty surreal, this was my goal but i didn't expect it to happen which is kind of contradictory," said Adams. "I wanted to win pretty bad but I knew that there was some talent out there. I was ranked fifth coming in this is my PR so I definitely had a good race."

Adams also has ties to Montana, he competed and ran for the Montana State Bobcats during his collegiate days.

In the women's full marathon Camille Herron of Warr Acres, Oklahoma was the top female runner, with a time of two hours and 58 minutes. Herron's time broke the mark of three hours and four minutes set by Missoula's Elizabeth Paddock last year. Paddock finished this year's race taking second place crossing the finish line less than a minute after Herron.

"I knew the first three miles I was struggling just to hit a six minute 20 second pace," said Herron. "I just knew it was going to be a tough day and i just needed to hang in there and tough it out."

Both Adams and Herron said the city of Missoula made the 26.2 mile race that much more enjoyable.

"They really get behind their community and it's such a good vibe," said Adams. "I love it here, there were people sitting out there in their lawn chairs at 6:30 in the morning just to watch people run by and ring a bell. It was great, people turning on their sprinklers, just putting them out in the street so you could run through, just great support."

"It was good to have the crowd support," said Herron. "I was just trying to enjoy the scenery even though I was having a bad day. "I definitely have enjoyed it here for my brief time here."

Heather Lieberg from Helena was the top female finisher of the 2014 Missoula Half Marathon with a time of one hour and 15 minutes.

Carlos Trujillo of Middleton, Idaho was the top male finisher of the 2014 Missoula Half Marathon with a time of one hour and six minutes.

It is also one of the warmer Missoula Marathon years, with temperatures expected to reach a high of 99 degrees in Missoula.