Workers close I-90 from St. Regis to Lookout Pass


MISSOULA, Mont. - Officials worried about avalanches are preparing to close all lanes of I-90 from St. Regis to Lookout Pass, west of Missoula.

Problems started this afternoon when witnesses reported several small slides in the westbound lanes.

Those lanes were closed shortly after 3pm.

But our crew on the scene just told us the conditions are so severe all eastbound lanes will be closed as well.

Near Haugan, Steve Felix from the Montana Department of Transportation told NBC Montana, "With the rain we are receiving also now, we've got some very unstable cut-slopes from St. Regis to the top of Lookout Pass. We've had about a half a dozen smaller slides today, come down on our eastbound and westbound sides. We're doing some assessing. We have to do some blasting. I can't give you a solid timeline on when we could be open back up. The forecast is for more of the same, rain and snow, all through the week. So, until it's deemed safe, we are not going to re-open."

In Haugan, Idaho resident Doug Brown is caught in the closure. He says, "They wouldn't have shut it if it wasn't for a reason. It was pretty dicey this morning. There was a truck stuck at the top. There was a lot of drama this morning. "

NBC Montana spoke to a weigh station worker just before 10:00 pm, Monday, who says blasting should start at 10:00 am Tuesday but that doesn't assure the interstate will open.

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