Secret agents dispatched to special holiday missions

Sensei guides North Pole Ninjas on secret Christmas assignments.

MISSOULA, Monrt. - A number of Montana cities have mysteries on their hands.

Somebody is sneaking around, making the holidays brighter.

Two children we found shoveling a neighbor's walk may pass as everyday Montana kids, but behind the scenes, they special agents.

Codename? North Pole Ninjas.

"Santa needs help sometimes. He has special elves that give, that do work for people who need work, maybe they shovel the walk, maybe cook a meal, bake some cookies. So, he has special North Pole Ninjas," said Youth Services Librarian for the Missoula Public Library, Pam Carlton.

Children far and wide are getting their assignments from the North Pole Ninjas book. In it, Santa also explains why the assignments are so important.

"I think it really warms the heart and makes Christmas more complete to help others and help them have a better Christmas. There are people who aren't has fortunate as us, so it's important to teach them to give back to the community," said Missoula resident, Mandy Morgel.

That's the message two authors from Helena hope will get through, after one of their children was complaining about wanting bigger presents.

"They were worried about the commercialism of Christmas, and how we seem to be raising our children to just want, want, want. They felt the true meaning of Christmas was being forgotten, and that is to give," said Carlton.

Each North Pole Ninja is asked to complete 50 secret missions. They're all inside a special envelope that comes with the book.

The watchful eye of Sensei keeps Santa's ninjas on track.

"He trains them on what they need to do, and the best way to go about it, and to keep it secret," said Carlton.

A plush, Sensei toy comes with the book to remind children of their duties.

The North Pole Ninjas are helping other children as well. All the proceeds of the book go to the Court Appointed Special Advocates non-profit group that helps support abused, abandoned and neglected children going through the court system.

Carlton also suggests the following books for children during the holidays.

A Christmas Tree for Pyn by Olivier Dunrea Bear Stays up for Christmas by Karma Wilson Kipper's Christmas Eve by Mick Inkpen The Night Before Christmas by Jan Brett The Night Tree by Eve Bunting The Christmas Boot by Lisa Wheeler

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