Missoula County Annex entrance closed during renovations


MISSOULA, Mont. - The following press release was sent out by Missoula County.

The north entrance to the Missoula County annex along Pine Street will be closed starting Monday, August 18th for approximately four weeks. The area leading up to the entrance will be re-graded to improve drainage and the concrete replaced. The closure also impacts the ADA compliant parking on Pine Street. Constituents can find accessible parking on Ryman Street. During the four week closure, the sidewalk leading to the east entrance of the courthouse on Ryman will be reopened. During the renovation project the entrance has remained open to ensure an accessible entry to the courthouse, but the sidewalk has been closed to ensure pedestrian safety on an active construction site. Please refer to the attached site utilization plan for a map of the area. The work on the north annex entrance is part of the larger courthouse renovation project slated to conclude in 2016. Other exterior work on the grounds will occur toward the end of the project.