New report surfaces in disappearance of Tammy Salle


BUTTE, Mont. - NBC Montana first told you when Tammy Salle's family made the decision to bring in a nonprofit search team from New Mexico, to help search the Butte-Silver Bow landfill for her remains.

Now new details are surfacing about that search team's report that was sent to the family.

In the six-page document written by K-9 Forensic Specialist Wendy Kessinger, Kessinger says her dogs found evidence of human remains.

But the report continues on making claims that the Anaconda Police Department contaminated the scene with a bulldozer and lost the evidence in the rubble.

State investigators say police did everything they could that was possible. But Tammy Salle's family isn't satisfied.

"We feel if they we're overwhelmed or could not do it then they should have brought in some people that could, I don't want this swept under the rug I want to find my sister," said Christina Hagens, Tammy Salle's sister.

NBC Montana put in a few calls to the Anaconda Police Department but they kept telling us to speak with state investigators, and that it was out of their hands.

We headed to Helena and visited the state investigators at the Montana Department of Justice.

"We informed them after the landfill search was discontinued that we we're going to continue with the investigation, and our investigators are working very hard to try and locate Tammy and give the family closure, that's very important to them," said John Strandell, Investigations Bureau Chief for the Montana Department of Justice.

The family says they plan on bringing the cadaver dogs back to Montana within the next month to continue the search for Tammy Salle.