2 suspected in Missoula-area thefts arrested


MISSOULA, Mont. - Two suspects linked to a series of thefts and burglaries throughout Missoula County are in custody.

Anthony Lee, 58, and Donald Grabner, 55, allegedly attempted to pawn stolen copper wire at a Missoula recycling facility. The two were asked to show identification and then left the facility in a white motor home.

They were later spotted at the Bonner Town Pump where Missoula County deputies arrested them.

Authorities believe they could also be responsible for a break-in at the Bonner Post Office.

Officials say the suspects broke in and attempted to open the safe. They didn't steal anything but there was damage throughout the office.

Missoula County Sheriff's Spokeswoman Paige Pavalone said, "We ask the public, if they've had a vehicle broken into, if they've had a house broken into and they didn't report it to 911, and they're missing binoculars, various tools from their vehicles, to please contact 911 and let us know."

Grabner and Lee are scheduled to appear in Missoula Justice Court Thursday afternoon.

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