Army War College to investigate plagiarism claims against Walsh


BOZEMAN, Mont. - In a written statement to NBC Montana Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Army War College said it will convene an Academic Review Board to look into allegations of plagiarism against democratic U.S. Senator John Walsh.

Walsh is accused plagiarizing portions of his 2007 Master's Thesis.

According to the statement, if Walsh is found to have intentionally plagiarized another work the college could revoke his graduation status.

The following is the full statement from the U.S. Army War College:

When we were alerted last night to the questions about Sen. Walsh's Army War College research paper, we accomplished our own analysis to determine whether there was reason to convene an academic review board (ARB), which is the process proscribed by our policy to investigate fully charges of failures of academic integrity, standards or progress; or misconduct.

We decided today to convene an ARB, and have communicated that to Sen. Walsh who will have the opportunity to submit material for the board's consideration.

The ARB process is a formal and deliberative process that includes a legal review of sufficiency of findings of the board's report. The process then includes review by the dean who can recommend a decision to disenroll -- or, in the case of graduates, to revoke the graduation status. The decision is made by the deputy commandant.

We use the USAWC Communicative Arts Directive as our authoritative guide given to all students to clarify the academic integrity policy, among others, and to give specific guidance with respect to research, writing, and documentation of research for the Strategy Research Paper. We hold our students responsible for academic integrity. Then and now, we trust them to uphold high standards of academic integrity unless there is reason to believe otherwise. Carol Kerr US Army War College Public Affairs Officer