Augare pleads guilty in federal court to DUI


GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Blackfeet tribal leader and state Sen. Shannon Augare has pleaded guilty in federal court to misdemeanor charges after he fled a sheriff's deputy who stopped him for drunken driving. Augare entered the plea Thursday after U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Strong ruled Augare's conviction on the same charges last month in tribal court did not end the federal case. Strong ordered Augare to pay $1,250 in fines and to attend a treatment class. Augare apologized and told the judge he accepted full responsibility. His attorney, Joe McKay, says Augare does not plan to appeal the sentence or that imposed by the Blackfeet tribal court last month. McKay says he respects Strong's ruling, but he believes the U.S. government's prosecution was an infringement on the sovereignty of the tribal justice system.