Authorities team up to patrol transient camps


MISSOULA Mont., - Tracy Campbell has lived in Missoula for nearly 10 years. She likes how Missoula helps the homeless, but a recent homicide investigation coupled with other transient attacks have Campbell worried. "I won't go down to the river, I mean there are definitely a lot of areas I will not go to and that's sad to me. I love going down to the river. We're walking distance from the Clark Fork and that's right where the dead body was pulled out of the river," said Campbell. NBC Montana has reported on three transient attacks in the past three weeks. The most recent incident was on Tuesday. A transient man reportedly threatened a Missoula man with knife. At the begining of the month two transients were arrested as suspects in a homicide case where a man was pulled from the Clark Fork River. The other assault involved a transient man who allegedly raped a Missoula woman. The Missoula Police Department explains steps it has taken to patrol downtown. Officers roam downtown on bikes to patrol the transient community. NBC Montana asked Public Information Officer Travis Welsh what authorities plan to do to stop crimes from happening. "We are attempting to try to work with everybody that could be potentially involved in dealing with this element of the population to try to curb this activity or deal with these issues," said Welsh. Now the police and sheriff's departments will team up the Department of Transportation and the Forest Service to collaborate on cleaning up transient camps.