Avalanche site brings in sandbags


MISSOULA, Mont. - Flooding in Missoula is complicating cleanup efforts at the site of last week's deadly avalanche.

Friends and volunteers have returned to the Rattlesnake neighborhood almost every day since the avalanche struck 9 days ago, burying three people and killing 68-year-old Michel Colville.

They're trying to salvage whatever they can from the wreckage of Colville's home.

But over the last few days, with the snow melt and rain, floodwater's have moved towards the site.

Workers used sandbags to try to protect the area this morning and they're ready with more if needed.

"We've got some sandbags. Some that were donated. Some that people have purchased and then donated to the cause. They will be used throughout some of the houses here to help prevent some of that flooding once the snow does melt," said site clean-up manager volunteer, Morgan Nelson.

Friends told us yesterday survivor Fred Allendorf, the husband of Michel Colville is still recovering at the hospital.

He recently posted on his blog site that he's walking now and his injuries are expected to heal. He also thanked the community for all the support they've shown him and his family since the avalanche.

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