Avalanche site clean-up comes to a close


MISSOULA, Mont. - On February 28 th , 2 houses were destroyed and 3 people were buried after the slide thundered down Mt. Jumbo.

For 3 weeks, volunteers dug through the rubble to save photo albums, mugs, and other valuables.

Yesterday they brought in heavy equipment to remove the wreckage of the house and whatever else was left.

One resident recounts what happened.

"There was just snow all over the road with this one part of the roof sticking out over here, so I've been kind of watching the clean-up process and it seems to be going good," said Mid-Rattlesnake resident Jeanne Joscelyn.

Missoula resident Michel Colville passed away from injuries suffered during the avalanche.

Her husband Fred Allendorf, was recently released from the hospital.

We're told the personal items that were recovered were taken to a personal storage unit to be sorted.

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