AWARE to sign recycling contract in Butte


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte residents will soon have access to permanent recycling services again. AWARE recycling will sign a contract with Butte-Silver Bow if the Council of Commissioners approves the deal tonight. Butte resident Mary Kay Mazzolini-Pearce said she recycles every day. "Cardboard, plastic and paper, oh, lots of junk paper," said Mazzolini-Pearce. Before former recycler A&S Metals closed its doors, it was convenient for her. Since then, AWARE recycling has been temporarily picking up the task, placing bins throughout Butte. "We're providing the service that A&S was providing," said AWARE transportation coordinator Mike Shea. But now, their services will be made official. Shea said through a $10,500 contract with the city, they'll provide recycle bins and empty them five days a week. "Stepping in and stepping up," said Shea. "I think it's good for the community, so we're excited about it." "We are very happy that we have a local company that is stepping up and going to help out with and putting together a really comprehensive recycling program," said Public Works Director Dave Schultz. He said they also expect the program to work on improvements, like at the site at the corner of Excelsior and Platinum. "It's a pretty popular drop-off site, especially for cardboard, so there'll be more cardboard there than the bins can hold and people will stack the cardboard on the ground," said Schultz. Schultz said the city wants to hire a company to build a fence around the Excelsior-Platinum site to hide the bins from view and prevent any recyclables from being blown away by the wind. Mazzolini-Pearce said she's excited about the proposed improvements, but most of all, being able to finally have recycling to rely on. "It's good for the environment, for one thing," she said. "And I think the better we all do for the environment, the better off we'll all be." To drop off your recycling, you can go to the corner of Platinum and Excelsior, the Civic Center, the AWARE recycling plant and the National Center for Appropriate Technology.