Bail set for man accused of robbing Albertsons


MISSOULA, Mont. - A man accused of robbing and Albertsons earlier this week faced a judge Wednesday.

Prosecutors say William Christopher Sperry went in to the Albertsons grocery store on Oxford Street Monday, and handed a clerk a note asking for cash.

Sperry left on foot but not for long. Off duty Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy Paige Pavalone heard the call come through when she was driving in the area and spotted Sperry not far from Albertsons.

"He didn't look suspect, he wasn't running, he just kind of glanced at me and just walked at a normal pace in a direction away from the store. But he just happened to be really close to Albertsons," said Pavalone. "They gave more information about his physical description I was like well that's got to be him."

So Pavalone turned on her lights and drove towards Sperry.

"Once he knew that the cops were there he didn't even choose to run or anything thank goodness."

Sperry appeared in Missoula County Justice Court on a felony robbery charge. The judge set bail at $75,000.