Big changes to Montana's medical marijuana systems coming in July


MISSOULA, Mont. - The medical marijuana system is going to see some big changes in July, as Senate Bill 333 comes into effect.

One major difference will be the addition of new regulations. Under the new plan, starting in July, there will be seed-to-sell tracking and testing. Patients will have to get photo identification cards.

The regulation costs will be covered by new fees for providers and new taxes on the product.

Some worry the new taxes and fees will be passed on to buyers.

Sean Peters, who owns Mountain Heights Dispensary, said, "It's definitely possible, but there is absolutely no reason for it to. I mean this is a new industry. The margin for profit is pretty good if you know how to run things fairly efficiently."

He said he welcomes the regulations because they ensure patients get good medicine.

SB 333 comes after voters approved Initiative 182, which eased restrictions on medical marijuana.

State Sen. Mary Caferro (D-Helena) sponsored the bill.