Bigfork School District closes schools due to wind chill


BIGFORK, Mont. - Wednesday Bigfork had the only schools in the Flathead Valley to close because of severe weather.

A lot goes into the decision. The superintendent of Bigfork told NBC Montana that closing school for a snow day is one of the toughest decisions he has to make.

Superintendent Russell Kinzer explained they have only had a couple snow days in the last few years. Calling a snow day really takes some thought, because the schools take account of parents who have to figure out what they will do with their children for the day.

One main consideration for the day was that most of the students who attend Bigfork schools have to wait at bus stops or they walk a quarter mile to the bus stop, and with the wind chill at -30 Kinzer said he would rather be safe than sorry.

"But there's just times when we need to be extra careful, and when it comes to small children at bus stops in minus-30 weather, that creates a very difficult situation. We want to protect those kids," said Kinzer.

This is the first time Kinzer has ever canceled school because of the wind chill.

School officials haven't made any decisions for whether school will be open Thursday, but if any changes are made you can check them out on our website at

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