Bitterroot's Jesse Sims turning heads on the gridiron


MISSOULA, Mont. - At 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, Jesse Sims is not your typical high school senior. He has already received multiple D-1 offers to play college football, and he knows his final year of high school is going to be as important as ever.

"Oh I'm really ready to get back on the field, I haven't played in quite a while so you know after my injury last year I only played a few games. So I'm definitely ready to start playing again and get back on the field," said Sims.

The Bitterroot Valley native will have a new look entering his senior football season after transferring from Stevensville to Corvallis last winter. "It will be a little bit different, but I don't think the change will be too hard. You know, I've been doing a lot of off season stuff with the team and, you know, getting used to their offense and stuff so I don't think it will be that bad," said Sims of his new Corvallis team. "It will definitely be a new experience and I hope it works out good." For the past year and a half, Sims has been been training and lifting at Pfahler Sport Specific with former Montana Grizzly tight end Steven Pfahler. "It's nice just him being a tight end and me being a tight end, with being able to help him down the road and help him with catching drills and doing all that type of stuff to work on his hands and footwork and everything like that," said Pfahler. "It helps a lot because he's been through that college experience and so if I ever have questions or anything I can ask him about stuff or he can give me advice on, you know, what to do," said Sims of Pfahler. The big question for Sims has yet to be determined, where will he end up playing college ball? Besides the Grizzlies and Bobcats this stand-out athlete has already received offers from Pac-12 schools schools like Washington and Oregon State. "You know, the colleges are still on my mind because I haven't committed anywhere or anything," said Sims. "So I'm thinking about that all the time and I know they're going to be looking at the next season is going to be the biggest season, so I just want to perform as well as I can in the next season and hopefully the whole college thing will work out as far as where I end up going." Besides helping Sims improve his size, strength and agility, Pfahler has also been a mentor in the college decision process. "The advice I give Jesse is just where he thinks he's going to be most happy where he thinks he's going to fit in best," said Pfahler. "You know it's not about going to the flashy schools of Oregon or USC or anything like that, it's about those teams that are going to teach him the most at that time. The sky could be the limit for him but if he doesn't end up in the right place you know that can be a set back for him." "You know he's just telling me to keep working hard right now and then everything will end up planning out the way it's supposed to when I decide to go somewhere," said Sims. "Just go somewhere that I feel at home and that's going to help me the best there at my position. You know, he's been in those shoes and so it's great to have him there to give me advice." The high school football regular season officially kicks off August 29th.