BMX stunt rider Mat Hoffman talks Evel Knievel Days


BUTTE, Mont. - NBC Montana spoke to BMX stunt rider Mat Hoffman about his scheduled performance at this year's festival. Hoffman tells NBC Montana, Evel Knievel was an inspiration of his and encouraged him to keep his dream alive as he grew older. Hoffman said he wants to come to Knievel days in honor of Knievel's spirit and he's not coming alone. Hoffman mentioned big name stars, like Freestyle Motocrossers Kenny Bartram and Bryce Hudson. And wheelchair moto-cross athelete Aaron Fotheringham. Hoffman said he also wants to bring his skydiving and globe of death teams. "Evel is the forefather of dreaming the impossible and making it happen," said Hoffman. "And his spirit is what fills our whole community. So when I got this opportunity, I became a little kid and got all giddy and started calling all my friends saying lets go down and celebrate his spirit." Hoffman will be participating in the X-games next week.