Bogert Pool opens with a splash on Father's Day


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department aquatics officials told NBC Montana, Sunday was the first big day for swimming, as the Bogert Pool opened for the Summer. We talked to parents who tell us they are happy the City decided to keep the pool open. Andrea Fogleson spent many Summers by Bogert Pool with her kids and says they could not wait to splash around in the pool. Fogleson told us she favors cooler water when it is warmer outside. "I'm really excited, I'm so glad it's open. On a hot day, I don't really want to go to a hot spring and sit in hot water," said Fogleson. Fogleson told us she has followed the news from the beginning, when Bozeman City Officials were trying to figure out if they should close down Bogert Pool and build another aquatics center. Bozeman City Commissioners voted to keep Bogert Pool and not take it down. Fogelson says her kids love to swim at the pool. Aquatics Manager, Dan McCarthy, says Bogert Pool has cracks though out it and it is leaking over ten thousand gallons of water every day. McCarthy told NBC Montana repairs are always being made to maintain the facility to keep it running for the public. "There are lots of cracks in the pool shell. We are working on repairs or rebuild a new facility depending on what the public want -- and the commissions wants us to do," said McCarthy. He told us it was not easy getting Bogert Pool up and running this Summer, but says many of the problems last year were fixed before Sunday's opening. McCarthy says people will enjoy clearer and warmer water this season. "This year it was pretty rough on us, but we got through. It takes us about a month and a half to get it ready. We had to drain the facility, wash it down -- the debris that accumulated over the wintertime," said McCarthy. Back by the pool side, Andrea Fogelson says she would like for Bozeman to have a larger pool someday with a working diving board. "It would be nice to have something a little bigger. We don't even have a diving board which is kind of a bummer, but it's still a great place to come," said Fogelson. Meanwhile, other residents we talked to say they would have no issue if the City decided to tear down Bogert Pool and re-build it in the exact location. Residents tell us, Bozeman needs a larger pool to accommodate its growing community. Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department says due to recent updates in the Pool and Spa Safety Act set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the slide will not be open this year.