Bozeman escapee puts nearby residents on alert


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Law and Justice Center is blocks away from downtown Bozeman, residential housing, and Montana State University. Kevin Briggs walked away from this center in handcuffs and shackles Saturday morning. MSU students received a text alert that same morning. They were given a detailed description of the dangerous escapee. We wanted to know how people in the area reacted to the news. Katie Waldhalm lives in a dorm less than a mile away from the Law and Justice Center. She got the text alert Saturday morning and tells us how she felt when she read the message. "It is pretty scary to be honest, he could be anywhere, anything could happen," said Waldhalm. Katie is a freshman at MSU who is more than a thousand miles away from home. She explains how the alert made her more aware of her surroundings. "They told us to keep an eye out, lock doors and stay inside, I mean I am out here scraping off my car now but just be careful," said Waldhalm. Less than a block away from her dorm at the corner of 8th and College St. two other MSU students told us they also got the alert. Rikki Stiff is a sophomore at MSU and Emily Bell is a senior. Bell explained what her initial reaction was to the text. "We know his physical description and we know what clothes he is wearing so I feel a lot safer knowing everyone would probably recognize him," said Bell. At that same corner of 8th and College St. sits an Exxon gas station. John Johnson was working Saturday morning and had already heard about the escapee. "It seems like there has been more activity up and down the street," said Johnson. Johnson is worried about the situation, but his focus is more on those who surround his business. "It's concerning especially with MSU right up the street there, but as far as daylight safety around Bozeman, I am not too worried until night comes," said Johnson. Police tell NBC Montana that Kevin Briggs should be considered armed and dangerous, and anyone who sees him is asked not to approach or confront the man. You are asked to call 911 immediately if you see Briggs.