Bozeman Fire Department sees increase in calls


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman Fire Department is already 250 calls ahead of where it was this time last year, and according to Deputy Chief Mike Maltaverne it all traces back to the city's growth.

Maltaverne told NBC Montana the department typically sees a 7 to 10-percent increase in calls each year. In 2016 Bozeman Fire responded to 4,316 calls.

With one month left in 2017 the department is closing in on that number with 4,060 calls.

The average response time for Bozeman Fire clocks in at six minutes, which is two minutes faster than the national standard of eight minutes, according to Maltaverne. He told NBC Montana the spike in call volume hasn't impacted those times.

"Our stations are strategically located in three corners of the city, and we have not seen a negative impact on our response times," Maltaverne said. "Now we're going to be watching that very closely."

As part of its strategic master plan the department will focus on increasing efficiency at its three existing fire stations before it considers adding another station.

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