Bozeman job fair draws large crowd


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Employers and job seekers packed a local job fair Wednesday afternoon.

The Bozeman Job Service currently lists 700 available jobs. On Wednesday some of those were on display at the 2014 Job Fair Jamboree.

The job fair was sponsored by the Bozeman Job Workforce Center and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

We found 69-year-old Bob Routa who has been out of work for three years since he moved to Montana from Florida.

"I've done some consulting but basically without a regular job for three years," said Routa.

Routa tell us he is hoping a face to face meeting with potential employers will give him the upper hand.

"Administrative work, paperwork, that is what my background is," saud Routa.

With 200 people walking through the doors before 1 p.m. we found there was a lot of competition, like 16-year-old Cherokee Nevin. Nevin's goals were similar to the other job seekers.

"A good solid job for a bright future," said Nevin.

At the job fair everyone had a different story -- Bryon McCotter graduated from MSU in 2010, and has been freelancing since then.

"Looking at possibly moving because of better graphic design opportunities elsewhere," said McCotter.

While everyone's story is different, they were all connected by a similar thread, the search for steady work.

NBC Montana also attended a graduation information fair at MSU on Wednesday. There will soon be a whole new set of graduates who will enter the workforce in less than a month.

We talked to four different students preparing to graduate. Just one, a crop science major, told us he had secured a job going home to work on his family's farm.

A representative with MSU's Career Services wanted to remind students the offices services are available even after they graduate.