Bozeman man admits he helped Kevin Briggs escape


BOZEMAN, Mont. - One of the Bozeman men charged with helping an attempted rape suspect admits he helped Kevin Briggs, after Briggs escaped from the Law and Justice Center earlier this year. Cedric Standish-Codding changed his plea to guilty in court on Wednesday. He told Judge John Brown he cut off Briggs' leg shackles and handcuffs when Briggs showed up at his home. He said Briggs begged him to do it, and seemed suicidal at the time. County attorneys are recommending Standish-Codding serve 10 years with 5 years suspended for obstructing justice, plus a previous parole violation. Sentencing is set for September. Bozeman Police arrested Kevin Briggs during an investigation into attempted rape and assault on the morning of February 1, 2014.

An oversight left Briggs unmonitored in an unlocked interview room and he walked out.

Briggs managed to avoid authorities for three weeks as investigators followed leads from Missoula to the West Coast.

U.S. Marshals finally arrested him in Portland, Oregon.