Bozeman organization seeks recreational public transportation


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Bozeman-based organization is currently looking for comments on a plan to increase public transportation to trailheads and recreation areas around the state.

The Yellowstone Business Partnership is working on a project they call Buses for Byways. It focuses on rural recreational transportation needs like sightseeing scenic routes and access to trails.

The group is currently looking at areas like the Beartooth Highway near Red Lodge, and the Montana Scenic Loop North of Missoula.

This isn't the first time the idea of busing people to recreational areas across the state has been discussed.

Bozeman area bus system Streamline currently supplies service to Bridger Bowl and Bohart Ranch in the winter.

Representatives for Streamline tell us they're in the early stages of looking at expanding their operations to include Hyalite Canyon and the Gallatin River past Four Corners.

David Kack with the Western Transportation Institute says programs like Buses for Byways are being looked at as a part of conservation efforts.

Kack said, "Just another look at that, at the scenic byways and saying 'How can we use alternative transportation to address the issues of everyone driving and detracting from why people are there in the first place?'"