Bozeman plow drivers ready for snow


BOZEMAN, Mont - Bozeman is seeing a combination of rain and snow. The city's street crews say they keep an eye on the forecast to stay on top of road conditions.

Whether there are several inches of snow on the ground or not, workers are ready to go. The city says they start work at 3 a.m. during the winter months, regardless of expected road conditions.

On days when there isn't snow crews are busy sweeping and cleaning as they try to keep sand from washing into waterways.

To make sure they're hitting every road the city installed GPS on all sweepers and plows, allowing them to track the trucks and map their movements.

"Depending on the weather conditions they'll either be out sanding or sweeping," said assistant streets superintendent Matt Workman. "That's kind of our game plan for the next month or so. They're either picking sand up or putting it back down. We like to pick it up at this time of the year. We try not to put it down, but depending on the weather we may have to."

After every storm the first plow runs cover seven priority routes. Those are often busier thoroughfares used for commuting to work or school. Crews wait until 4 inches accumulate to clear residential streets.

As Bozeman grows the department anticipates a need to add more routes in the near future.