Bozeman Police Chief discusses internal review


BOZEMAN, Mont. - After Kevin Briggs walked away from the Law and Justice Center on Saturday we wanted to take a closer look at how the Bozeman Police Department is handling the internal investigation. Chief Ron Price sat down with us on Thursday to take us through the steps of what questions he wants answered in the internal investigation. "As the Chief of this department it is my responsibility to identify problems and find solutions for them," said Price. The review Chief Price ordered breaks down into four components. The first is getting an exact timeline of what happened leading up to the escape. "The fact pattern, what exactly happened, not what we heard happened, what was supposed to happened but the actual fact pattern of exactly who did what and who didn't do what," said Price. The second involves accountability of individual officers and their actions. "Is there an accountability piece where there were actions or inaction's where individuals need to be held accountable for," said Price. The third includes looking at the department as a whole, and whether any policies or procedures need to be put in place to prevent anything like this from happening again. "Is there an organization accountability piece is there a failure of policy or protocol," said Price. The last step will be developing solutions and recommendations for the future. "I'm open to absolutely anything that comes out of the recommendation and any suggestions that can be given from anybody inside or outside this department," said Price.