Bozeman police detail suspect escape


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Police continue their search for a suspect who walked out of the Law and Justice center Saturday morning. He walked out after being unattended for approximately 10 minutes in an interview room.

Police describe 28-year-old Kevin Briggs as 5-foot-6 with brown hair and blue eyes. They say he was wearing a black or gray hoodie with semi-white stripes, green pants and black shoes. We asked police to lay out a time line for us of what happened leading up to the escape. Deputy Chief Rich McLane tells us police responded to a reported rape and assault call at 5:10 Saturday morning. Around 30 minutes later Briggs was arrested and taken to the Law and Justice Center. He was then taken to an interview room, and at 8:05 a.m. officers noticed he was missing.

Somewhere in that time period Briggs was left alone for approximately 10 minutes. "He was not being directly watched, the officers knew he was dangerous. They knew he had just assaulted someone, they knew he was an escape risk," said McLane. McLane tells us an oversight like this is inexcusable. "An error that can't happen again and we take that seriously, that we are now we are looking for a very dangerous person who is out in the community," said McLane. They are working around the clock to figure out step by step what happened. "There was a communication gap, between one officer and another officer, and they somehow thought he was being watched," said McLane. It was a gap that gave Briggs time to walk away in handcuffs and shackles. Now the focus is on finding Briggs, and making sure something like this never happens again. If you see Briggs you are asked not to approach him as he could be armed in dangerous, instead you are urged to call Bozeman Police at 582-2000.