Bozeman police investigate suspected meth lab


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Wednesday morning the damage from an explosion at the Continental Motor Inn the night before was still evident from across the street. A blown out window and a door bent so badly it couldn't be closed were both visible.

I spoke to Captain Steve Crawford of the Bozeman Police Department.

Crawford said of the explosion, "It appears that there was a flash but nothing really burned."

Bozeman Police and Fire responded to a report of a possible fire on the 1300 block of East Main just before nine Tuesday night.

"There was very minimal apparent fire damage.", Crawford said.

Police say 26-year-old Devon Arnaud was arrested on the scene and charged with probation violation citing illegal drug use.

Crawford explained, "The investigation of the scene showed that it was due to a suspected methamphetamine lab."

We spoke to the manager of the Continental Motor Inn to get more information. He declined to go on camera but said there was just one person registered to the room.

He told me the man registered to the room was parolee, but didn't disclose that to him at the time.

The Bozeman Police have turned to the Missouri River Drug Task Force to assist with the investigation.

The motel manager told us the motel is open and still taking guests. And one guest told us he checked into a room adjacent to where the suspected lab was found.

NBC-Montana wanted to know if that was legal, and we found out it is.

Deb Grimm with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, the agency responsible for meth lab clean up, told us it is a reasonable expectation for a hotel or motel to rent out a room adjacent to where meth labs have been found.

Grimm says because meth labs in hotels are relatively short lived it's unlikely contamination will spread to other rooms.