Bozeman residents learn about Montana's ballot initiatives


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Several women's groups in Montana are teaming up to get the word out about five initiatives and referenda voters will see at the polls this November.

Bozeman Business and Professional Women, American Association of University Women and Montana Women Voters hosted the forum.

They say it's important to get out and vote but also crucial to educate yourself before casting your ballot.

The initiatives and referenda range from immigration issues to medical marijuana.

The non-partisan program reviewed the five initiatives, providing proponents and opponents for each, and gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions.

Folks we spoke with say they came to the event for clarity regarding the issues Montanans will see at the polls.

"I really just want to have a better understanding of what's going to be going on this election year and I want to be able to make my vote count for what I want to happen in the state," says Bozeman resident Nikki Young.

At least 50 people turned out for the event.