Bozeman School Board moving forward with East Willson proposals


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman School Board has received four proposals for the renovation of the East Willson building, and will move forward with all four projects.

"The school board received four proposals for the renovation of East Willson. Two of those would basically convert it to low-rent housing and one of them was apartments and one of them was actually condominiums," said Assistant Superintendent for Business Steve Johnson.

Monday night the school board approved giving the four groups several months to solidify their proposals and have architects and engineers evaluate the building.

Their goal is to make sure the building is historically preserved.

"So the school board looked at all four of those proposals and decided to go forward with all four of them, to try to see if we can work in the next four to six months or so and come up with one of those that might rise to the top as far as their ability to do the project and the worthiness of the project," Johnson said.

Bridger Builders is proposing to turn it into a condominium project and will need three months to determine the facility condition.

Human Resources Development Council District plans to turn it into 34 units of affordable rental housing.

The Englewood Group would make it 24 to 30 units of affordable rental housing.

And the McCarthy Properties LLC would build 20 to 30 rental apartment units.