Bozeman sets single-day record for building permit submissions


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman's Economic Development Office says the city set an all time record for building permits submitted in a single day. It happened last Thursday, when 27 permit applications were filed with the city.

We did some digging and found 20 of those permits were for new single-family homes. We also found 18 of those 20 permits were submitted by one developer. Bozeman Economic Development Director Brit Fontenot tells us permits usually spike this time of year. He says this kind of growth is good, as long as we have the jobs to support it. "I would say the short answer is yes, we can handle it provided that we are creating jobs for the people that are filling all those residential homes. We want to make sure they have a job, so our end of the bargain is to facilitate that job creation strategy with the home building side of the equation," said Fontenot. We took a closer look at the 18 permits submitted by that single developer and found they are going toward homes in Norton Ranch, a subdivision on the northwest side of Bozeman.

Out at the job site, we spoke to Matt Randall, the project manager for Norton Ranch Homes. The 18 permits he recently submitted are all going to the next phase of the neighborhood.

Randall says this is the busiest he has been since 2011. "Definitely a sign of the market demand, you know we only build houses to meet the market demand," said Randall. We found the dirt road where all 18 homes will be built. Right now just 20 to 40 acres are developed. "The houses were selling before we started, before we submitted the permits, or before we really broke ground," said Randall. When the neighborhood is complete, there will be up to 1,500 housing units, a mix of single-family homes and multi-family homes. "According to everyone I talk to, the demand is high, and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon," said Randall. We also spoke to the realtor who is in charge of selling the homes in the Norton Ranch neighborhood. Denise Andres with ERA Landmark Real Estate also sees the demand. "We sold the last home in Norton Ranch's first phase just last week. We are here in the northwest quadrant here at Norton Ranch and this is the busiest area of the city for growth," said Andres. The demand for building permits for single-family homes is also creating job opportunities for local sub-contractors. Randall tells us on any given home, he will need up to 20 groups of sub-contractors. If you multiply that by five people per group, it could create up to 100 jobs per home.