Bozeman to consider increasing some parking violations


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Commissioners could decide Monday on whether to triple the fine for parking in the residential area around Montana State University.

Currently anyone wanting to park in the residential district around campus must have a special permit. Vehicles without a permit are issued a $20 ticket. The new proposal would increase that fee to $60. That is the same price as a parking violation on campus.

In city documents, Parking Manager Scott Lee says the $40 price difference between illegally parking on campus or in the nearby residential area has led to more people risking a ticket in the neighborhoods.

Bozeman is also looking at increasing fines for two other parking violations: safety and street maintenance.

Fines for safety violations, like parking in front of a fire hydrant, would increase from $20 to $50. Street maintenance violations, ike parking on the streets leaf clean-up crews are working on that day, would be raised to $30. A street maintenance ticket is currently $20.

According to the report, the city issued 9,860 fines in the 2013 fiscal year. MSU residential parking, safety and street maintenance violations made up about 60 percent of parking citations. The proposal does not include fine increases for "over time" violations.

Increasing the fines would generate an estimated $110,000 annually.

To read the complete proposal click here.

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