Bozeman woman to use singing bowl therapy on abused elephants


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Some may call Linda Chambers a master musician. Her instruments are Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls.

"Very soothing, very calming," Chambers said, about the effects of the sounds.

Clients come to experience the therapeutic music at her store, Dari Rasa Trunk Show. They lay on a massage table and relax, while Linda plays.

"The vibrations come through you, and I feel like I'm having an internal massage," said client Betsy Gaines Quammen. "It's absolutely magical."

Many like Gaines Quammen said the vibrations from the bowls have a wonderful effect.

Chambers said the bowls start out as pure quartz crystal- the stone is ground, poured into a mold and becomes the wide, white bowls. The bowls also come in different colors, depending on what crystal or mineral its made from.

Each has their own unique musical note, but Chambers said it's more than just pretty music.

These bowls can help heal pain, she said, through the sound and vibrations the bowls emit. Chambers said she works with the body's seven chakras, or points of energy. She'll play certain bowls to target specific parts of the body or different emotions.

War veterans have even come to her to help work with their posttraumatic stress disorder, she said.

Chambers said it's a way to bring the body, mind and spirit back into alignment.

"This is a really effective way of doing the releasing, and bringing things back in to a harmonic place," she said.

And now, Chambers is taking her unique therapy to unlikely clients across the world.

"They rescue elephants from horrendous situations" she said, about the Petara Elephant Farm.

The government-sanctioned, family-owned elephant refuge in Thailand takes in abused elephants, and nurtures them back to health.

Linda visited last year, and said her connection with the gentle animals touched her heart.

"They're really intelligent, and they have such an amazing presence," she said.

So the owners of Petara asked her to bring her singing bowl therapy to the elephants.

Last November, Chambers began fund raising at Dari Rasa for the elephant farm. She donated all or a portion of proceeds from certain store items to the elephants.

She also set out a jar for donations, and said the community response has been wonderful.

Chambers leaves for Thailand on April 14th. She already shipped a set of seven singing bowls to the elephant farm, which she plans to present to Petara as a gift.

Chambers said she can't wait to see how her new clients react to the magical music.

"I know it's going to be fantastic," she said.