BPD internal review continues as rape suspect awaits extradition hearing

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Police sat down with NBC Montana Saturday morning to talk about what happens next now that Kevin Briggs is back in custody. Briggs was arrested Friday night in Portland, Oregon. It was the end of a 21 day nationwide manhunt for the rape suspect. Kevin Briggs escaped when he walked away from the Law and Justice Center in Bozeman on February 1st. Kevin Briggs was arrested more than 750 miles away from Bozeman. We asked Captain Steve Crawford with the Bozeman Police Department what the process looks like moving forward. "From here we will be working to bring him back to Montana," said Crawford. Crawford tells us he expects that process to begin right away. "That will depend on what happens in court, and so I expect he will make an appearance on Monday and we will know more then," said Crawford. Crawford says the capture of Briggs was a team effort including agencies that assisted like the FBI. "It was an excellent team effort from all the agencies involved," said Crawford. The agency that made the arrest friday night was the U.S. Marshals Oregon Fugitive Task Force. "Basically they did a traffic stop and pulled him out of the car. The information I have is he initially didn't come out of the car, but eventually came out of the car," said Crawford. We wanted to know if authorities have pieced together a timeline of where Briggs has been the past 21 days, and how he has gotten from place to place. "We worked closely with both the Marshal service and the FBI in Washington Oregon and California so we do believe he was in California at some point and then returned to Oregon. I do think he sought refuge with some people that he used to know, some acquaintances but I don't know if he made it to any homeless shelters or anything of that nature," said Crawford. Briggs is facing multiple charges including aggravated assault and attempted sexual intercourse without consent. While Kevin Briggs awaits extradition to the state of Montana, we checked in with Bozeman Police Chief, Ron Price, to get the latest information on the status of the internal review. This review was prompted by Briggs escape. Bozeman Police is looking into what went wrong and how they can make sure something like this does not happen again. Chief Price tells us there are four components to the internal review. They include accountability for individual officers and taking a look at the department as a whole to see if any policies or procedures need to be changed or added. On Saturday, Price says they are closer to completing the review and should have the findings finalized in the next few weeks. "Run it through a legal review with the county attorney and the city attorney, some questions that I had with HR in regards to future steps, and then I expect public releasing of that, which will include reccomendations, for us about learning and moving forward as an agency that learns from the past and makes sure those things don't happen again," said Price.