Brewery appeals for Beer Barter permit


KALISPELL, Mont. - The Great Northern Brewing Company is appealing a decision from City Council to deny a special events permit for their annual Beer Barter.

The council turned down an application from the Great Northern Brewing Company for the annual Beer Barter. The brewer wanted to shut down half a block of Central Avenue for the competition, but police and other officials don't like it because they're worried people are walking around with open containers, and that minors are drinking.

The competition offers contestants a chance to offer proposals in exchange for a year's supply of beer.

Brewery manager Marcus Duffey hopes he can reach a compromise with the city at Monday's council meeting. Whitefish City Council will consider the appeal the meeting, which starts at 7:10 p.m.

"We took the option to appeal that to City Council, that council meeting is tonight. We're confident we're going to reach some sort of compromise and that the Barter will prevail. If it does not prevail then we're just going to have a great time and celebrate our 19th anniversary party that day," said Duffey

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