Brewery breaks ground in residential area, neighbors have mixed feelings


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A local brewery is expanding from Belgrade to Bozeman, and just broke ground on the city's northwest side. Some nearby residents tell NBC Montana they are excited to see expansion in that part of town, but others aren't happy to have a brewery in the neighborhood. Outlaw Brewing is building their new tasting room on 27th Avenue, across from Warbler Way. It's behind Bozeman's Target and Costco, next to an area of townhouses and houses. Constance Stevenson lives in a condo right across from the construction of the Outlaw Brewery. She can see the site from her living room window. "At first I was a little hesitant," she said. She worried it might not fit into her neighborhood, because the building is going up on a primarily residential street. Other residents share similar concerns. "I definitely understand why people would be concerned with the traffic issues," said resident Ian Roderer. "It seems a little out of place to me." Roderer has lived in his condo for three years, and said he is not sure he wants a brewery that close to his house. Brewery owner Todd Hough said he understands the concerns. "Most people don't want a bar out here," he said. But explained the tasting room will offer a different atmosphere than a bar. Plus, they chose this site to help expand business in this area. "I feel like most of the people in our demographic are living west of 19th, and this is kind of right in their neighborhood," Tough said. Some neighbors said a brewery is exactly what this area needs. "I'm really excited because you always have to be worried about a ride or try to figure something out to go downtown or another location," said neighbor Jessica Joyce. "So that will be awesome, just to be able to walk there and walk home." Some of the concerned residents, like Constance, aren't completely opposed to the idea. She explained she warmed up to it. "I got acclimated with the idea. I think it's a good idea to bring something like that over to this side of town," she said. Outlaw Brewing is expected to open by December. This will be their second location. The other is in Belgrade inside the Bar 3 BBQ.