Buffalo Wild Wings in Bozeman targeted in two discrimination lawsuits

Bozeman's Buffalo Wild Wings location is at the center of a gender discrimination lawsuit involving two female workers and a manger.

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Two female workers at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Bozeman say the restaurant was serving up much more than food and drinks. And now they're suing, saying the male managers of the restaurant allowed sexual harassment and refused to take action.

The employees allege a male manager at the location sexually harassed them at work and off the job through text messages. And this alleged harassment continued for months, even after the women confronted other managers about the ongoing discrimination.

One woman claims the incidents began as far back as 2012 and the other in 2013.

In court documents, one woman details the manager in question was repeatedly texting her in the summer of 2012, seeking a personal relationship. When the documents say she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with it, he persisted and stated it would hurt her schedule at the restaurant if she didn't accept his advances.

Both women also allege they were harassed by this manager at work, saying they were inappropriately touched on multiple occasions. Court documents show the women approached other management at the restaurant, but nobody would offer any help with the situation.

That is when they reached out to the Montana Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It was only after that, the lawsuit alleges, that Buffalo Wild Wings then began an internal investigation into the matter.

But the suit alleges the manager accused of the alleged inappropriate behavior was still not fired. In fact, in the lawsuits, both of the women state that when they talked to another manager about the situation, he responded that he couldn't help because he did not want to jeopardize his chances at a promotion.

Both lawsuits seek a jury trial on two claims of intentional discrimination and one claim of negligent hiring and retention.

The owner of Bozeman's Buffalo Wild Wings, Brad Anderson of Billings, was issued a summons.

The Minneapolis-based company has so far declined to comment.

You can read the details of the lawsuits here and here.

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