Butte businesses show support for Pride month


BUTTE, Mont. - A group of local Butte business owners are participating in the Open to All Initiative, a movement showing support for LGBTQ customers.

The owners told NBC Montana they believe in diversity and that they welcome anyone into their establishments with open arms. Courtney McKee, owner of Headframe Spirits, is a strong supporter of the movement. Headframe's bourbon cream liqueur, named Orphan Girl, has a pride label on it that McKee says represents Butte's caring mentality. "We want to make sure that everybody knows that they are incredibly welcome. Not just in Headframes, but in Butte -- in our hearts and in our stories," McKee said. Like many places in town Headrame Spirits has a sticker on their front window to show its participation in the initiative. The main focus of the movement, we're told, is for local businesses to be inclusive in their practices, not exclusive. "We're just here to support everyone that lives and works in this community," said Eric Schelin, owner of Butte-Silver Bow Pizza. June is recognized as LGBTQ Awareness month in the United States.

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