Butte Health Department seeks Clark Park smoking ban


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte health officials are trying to pass an ordinance that would ban smoking from a local park. Those involved with the Tobacco Use Prevention Program at the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department are pushing for the ordinance to pass. Last Friday over 100 volunteers picked up about three gallons of cigarette butts at Clark Park. Frank Rozan, the Tobacco Use Prevention Program coordinator, said cigarette butts are a toxic form of litter and a health hazard. He's worried about kids picking them up, pets rolling around in them and birds using the butts to build nests. Rozan is also worried about second-hand smoke. "Children breathe faster and deeper than adults," he said. "So we have to think about that. You're smoking around these kids. What's happening? Oh yeah, they're breathing in that smoke, as well." For the ordinance to pass the Health Department will make a public Facebook survey to gauge interest. If the survey is successful Rozan said officials will take the matter up with the County Board of Health. The final decision is up to county commissioners.