Butte kicks off 4th of July celebrations with parade


BUTTE, Mont. - Every year, Butte's parade draws hundreds of people who show up no matter the weather. For nearly 80 years, families have lined Harrison Avenue, setting up their folding chairs to watch Butte's Fourth of July parade.

The kids are all excited for one thing -- he floats.

"My tae kwon do float," said Butte resident Sam Byrnes. "It looked amazing and gets more cool every year."

Byrnes said he had a chance to be in the parade but opted out.

"I decided to be with my family," he said.

Beth Murphy came all the way from Salt Lake City Utah to watch Butte's parade with her friends.

"There's so many different groups represented and it's such a popular event in a small town," said Murphy.

100 organizations walked, drove and rode through the street.

"It represents what I think is the heartland of America, the heart of America," said Murphy.

Down the street, at the Fun Times carnival, kids hopped into swings, old cars and even space ships.

"Well, there's an alien abduction ride that my son has been taken on," said Butte resident Frank Ruffolo. "And I guarantee you when he gets off he'll be patriotic."

Ruffolo said he is enjoying this Independence Day watching his son on the rides so much that, "I may even have to go on the ride myself," he joked.

Everywhere we look, parents and kids are using this day off as time to spend as a family. Alexis Dobb says that's the best part.

"I get to have fun with my family and we get to play a lot of games," said Dobb.

No matter if you're with family or friends, there are dozens of ways to spend your Fourth of July in Butte, America.